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Gammill Vision 2.0


Gammill Vision 2.0

Welcome to the Vision® 2.0 by Gammill, the latest in hand-guided quilting technology at your fingertips. Experience the ease offered by My Stitch™ customizability. Make your quilting system exactly the system YOU need.

The Vision 2.0 features a new user interface on an Android Tablet. Mounted on a custom designed swivel mount allowing front or back access, this tablet not only accesses the V2 App but all the many features you love about a tablet.

Enjoy music, videos and any of your other favorite Android apps while quilting, easily accessible from the mount on your head. If you prefer to take the tablet down and use it on the quilt top while working on detailed work, it easily removes and then can be put back in place. With built in charging station, charge while you quilt! As long as you turn off the tablet when the power is off to the machine, this means you will never have to wait for the system to charge, just turn on the system and quilt!

Would you like to learn more about the new Vision 2.0? Please take a few minutes to enjoy this introduction. We will show you the new features and take you through the basics of the interface. But this is just the introduction.

Be sure to call us on 07 3393 5575 and book your appointment for the hands-on experience!

Quilting like you’ve never experienced before.

Experience the fully customizable system and you’ll say…MY STITCH, MY VISION, MY GAMMILL!


Listed below are the 12 main new features of the Vision 2.0 by Gammill. Each of these has been designed to give you the ultimate quilting experience in fully customizable hand guided quilting. This is just as essential for the beginning quilter as the advanced quilter. Nowhere else can you find all these features on one machine.

Ask Gammill for the best and that’s what we give you…because we believe in you and your VISION!

The Vision 2.0 by Gammill has 12 new features:

• Wireless Bluetooth Application

• New Customizable Interface

• My Stitch Buttons – Four programmable handle buttons with seven options

• My Stitch Presets – Two programmable presets for Stitching Modes

• Accessible features during quilting:

• Switch any stitching mode

• Adjust speed up and down

• Coast Regulate with Switch Point Access

• New Thread Break Sensor

• New Programmable Tie Off

• New Bobbin Gauge

• New adjustable laser settings

• New Programmable Needle Positioning Speed for all stitching modes

All of this and FREE software upgrades giving you access to many new features to come!!!

Gammill has once again brought quilting to the next level.

By always keeping you, the quilter, in mind and at the heart of all our development, we present to you a machine that truly meets every quilter’s needs.

From your first stitches to quilting master pieces, your Vision is with you for the entire adventure equipping you with the features you need!

Don’t take our word for it…visit our store today!

Experience amazing power at your fingertips and try a Vision 2.o today!

Gammill Vision 2.0 Video Information

Click here for a link to Gammill's website to view the latest video information relating to the amazing Gammill Vision 2.0


Australian Dollar Pricing Vision 2.0

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